Jolly Pops


The perfect present for big kids. When you want to send someone something super unique, grab a pair of our tights, socks or waffles, add a gift box and throw in a Jolly Pop. Tasty colour and funky design you can eat.

These lollies are not suitable for small children.



Jolly Pop by March Design Studios

MARCH, a product invention studio based in Vilnius, Lithuania that prides themselves on working with innovate materials and technology has launched a line of beautifully packaged flavored lollipops named “Jollypops.” We love their sharp and delicious fresh flavour and they just look so pretty, you almost don’t want to eat them!

Beautifully hand crafted artisan Lolly Pops for big kids (we don’t recommend for children under 5 as hard candy can be a choking hazard)!

Jollypops. Impressive in size, sweet looking, sweet-tasting lollipops like they used to be. Natural color, homemade taste, mouthwatering look. Each MARCH jollypop is unique and carefully made with loving hands. It just takes you back. Instantly!

Features: handmade, natural ingredients, GMO-free, gluten-free, allergen-free
Flavors: banana, mango, strawberry, apple, lemon
Sizes: maxi 185 mm

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